University of Iowa

Shadow Play! Puppetry Workshop

Learn to make and move shadow puppets in this family-friendly workshop led by master puppeteers from the cast of Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic, an ambitious shadow play that recounts the fates of star-crossed lovers, Zaul and Rudabeh. This event is part of Hancher’s Embracing Complexity project, which seeks to build textured knowledge of Islamic cultures, while creating a greater sense of empathy for the experiences of peoples of diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

Hamid Rahmanian & The Shahnameh Project Lecture

Since the late 1980s, New York–based Iranian filmmaker and graphic artist Hamid Rahmanian has combined his love of traditional Persian art forms with modern technology to create new works of art that visually bridge the gaps of East and West. As a story-teller, his works have focused on people and issues that are rarely covered in the mainstream media, offering audiences new perspectives and intimate glimpses into otherwise little known worlds.

Conversation with Drew Cameron of Combat Paper

Drew Cameron is a papermaker and artist based in San Francisco. He rediscovered his interest in the craft of hand-papermaking after returning from his enlistment in the U.S. Army with a deployment in the war. Papermaking, for him, is a community-driven process and art form, which he facilitates with others through workshops as Combat Paper. This papermaking technique, and the workshops that Cameron facilitates, provide an opportunity for veterans and their communities to transform military uniforms into handmade paper, prints, books and artwork.

Make Music with Amir ElSaffar - CANCELLED

Due to the weather conditions, tonight’s “Make Music with Amir ElSaffar” event has been cancelled.

Join trumpeter, santur player, vocalist, and composer, Amir ElSaffar, for an interactive, family-friendly music workshop. ElSaffar, who regularly blends Arabic music and western jazz, will speak about Arabic musical traditions, play samples of Arabic and western music to draw comparisons between the two, and lead the group in a music-making workshop that draws from both traditions.