Hancher Guild is a dedicated group of people who donate their most valuable resources to Hancher: time, enthusiasm, insight, and commitment. Volunteers provide vital services by managing and staffing the Hancher Showcase, offering tours of Hancher, selling artists' merchandise before and after performances, coordinating special projects, and acting as goodwill ambassadors for the performing arts.

No financial contribution is required to become a Hancher Guild member, nor is any specific time commitment necessary. All the Guild asks is that its members do their best to honor the time they do commit. Beyond the satisfaction of serving the arts, Guild members get a unique inside look at the performing arts and find an enriched appreciation of live performances. You need not live in the lowa City area to be a Guild member; the Guild has a number of members living in other Iowa communities.

In 2017, the Guild branched out to offer volunteer opportunities for community members in grades 9 through 12. These high school students support many of the special projects initiatives, particularly those geared toward families. Students’ volunteer time may be used toward Silver Cord hours (more information about the Silver Cord programs at City, Liberty, and West) with appropriate approval.

Joining the Guild is easy. Open one of the membership forms below, fill out the form by hand or on your computer, and send it to Hancher as indicated at the top of the form. Or, Hancher will gladly mail a form to you; please call (319) 335-1130 or email hancher-guild@uiowa.edu.

Thank you for your interest in helping Hancher, your community, and the performing arts.

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FileGuild Membership Form for High School Students

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Guild members:  Please contact hancher-guild@uiowa.edu if you wish to make changes in your services to the Guild. Thank you.