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The Hancher Guild supports Hancher Auditorium by serving as a source of people, time, energy, and resources to augment the work of the Hancher staff and as a primary champion of Hancher Auditorium. The Guild’s mission, therefore, connects Hancher’s mission of “enriching lives and building community through the transformative power of the performing arts” with its core values of “people first” and “shared experience.” The Guild’s focus is on supporting efforts to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together at Hancher and to bring Hancher into diverse communities. This community engagement creates opportunities for teaching, learning, creating, socializing, sharing inspiration, and deepening human connection.

The Guild is a dedicated group of nearly 400 people who volunteer to manage and staff the Hancher Showcase, guide tours of Hancher, develop and coordinate special projects, and act as goodwill ambassadors for the performing arts. No financial contribution is required to become a Hancher Guild member, nor is any specific time commitment necessary. All the Guild asks is that its members do their best to honor the time they do commit.

Joining the Guild is easy. Open the appropriate membership form for you, fill out your form, and send it / submit it to Hancher as indicated. The Guild branched out to offer volunteer opportunities for community members in grades 9 through 12. These high school students support many of the special projects initiatives, particularly those geared toward families. Students’ volunteer time may be used toward Silver Cord hours (more information about the Silver Cord programs at City, Liberty, and West) with appropriate approval.

Thank you for your interest in helping Hancher, your community, and the performing arts.



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Guild members:  Please contact if you wish to make changes in your services to the Guild. Thank you.