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The Stanley Café (Photo: Justin Torner)

The Stanley Café during a Culinary Arts Experience. (Photo: Justin Torner)


University Catering operates Hancher's Stanley Café and Bar (located on the second floor) and Concessions (located on the first and third floors). Visa, Discover, and MasterCard may be used for purchases; American Express and cash are not accepted.



Hours of Operation

For Hancher performances in the auditorium:

  • The Stanley Café and its bar open 90 minutes prior to the performance. Guests may order from the café menu and bar menu, and servers bring orders to your café table.
  • Smith Lobby (first floor) concessions open one hour prior to the performance serving beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks. For performances with smaller audiences, concessions may not open in the Smith Lobby and the Stone Lobby (third floor). 
  • The café, bar, and concessions are open during intermission.
  • After the performance, beverages and snacks may be purchased at the bar. The café's seating area stays open for one hour, but service from the bar stops after 30 minutes.

For Club Hancher performances in Strauss Hall:

  • Guests may preorder entrées and desserts to enjoy before the performance. All preorders must be submitted by noon the day before the event. The Stanley Café is closed.
  • Club Hancher opens one hour prior to the performance for seating and service. Snacks and beverages may also be purchased at Club Hancher's bar. Service may or may not continue during the performance, left at the performer's discretion.

For concerts by University Symphony Orchestra, other performances in Strauss Hall, and recitals by Nolte Academy:

  • Concessions in Smith Lobby opens one hour prior to the performance, serving beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, and snacks.
  • Concessions stays open during intermission and closes after intermission. If there is no intermission, concessions closes after the performance starts.
  • The Stanley Café is open for seating but not for serving during University Symphony Orchestra concerts. The café is not open for Strauss Hall performances.

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