The University of Iowa


Hancher enriches lives and helps build community through the transformative power of the performing arts.

Hancher’s mission is to enrich lives and foster community through creating and sharing performing arts. Hancher is both a landmark destination and a creative spirit. We work to support the creation of new art and to make a wide range of performing arts accessible to broad audiences. A central element of this work is ensuring that art is a vital element of education for the University of Iowa students, faculty, and staff across disciplines, as well as for students and educators throughout the region. We believe that creating and sharing art this way can enrich individuals’ lives and strengthen community through the broadened perspectives and understanding that result from meaningful engagement with the arts.



Hancher is essential to the work of the university, the cultural richness of the state, and the advancement of the performing arts around the world.

Our vision is that, by 2025, Hancher will have a secure place at the heart of what makes the University of Iowa a destination university for students, faculty, and staff; will be a primary means by which Iowans in every corner of the state experience and learn about the performing arts; and will be an active and valued contributor to the advancement of the performing arts across the globe. Hancher’s role in creating and sharing the performing arts will be as prominent in the hearts and minds of Iowans and the performing arts world as its unique physical presence is at the gateway to Iowa City for all who pass by.



People First
We extend a welcoming invitation to all and value the vast diversity of the human experience. We listen, foster dialogue, and amplify stories of all kinds. People are at the heart of everything Hancher does.

Shared Experience
We prize the power of art to connect people, spark learning, and build community. We develop opportunity for collaboration—among artists, students, teachers, and community members—that leads to creative expression and new understanding.

Bold Creativity
We are catalysts. We help ignite innovation and push the limits of today to create new knowledge, insight, and art for tomorrow.

Inspired Excellence
We give the very best of ourselves, and we move others to do the same. We strive to develop and maintain the highest quality practices and facilities in the service of the performing arts and the people engaging with them.