The University of Iowa

Oumou Sangaré

Oumou Sangaré is an icon whose powerful musci and fierce feminism have inspired artist from Alicia Keys to Aya Nakamura to Beyoncé. Her most recent record, Timbuktu, blends the sounds of traditional West African instruments with those instruments most associated with the blues.

Martha Graham Dance Company

Martha Graham radically expanded the dance vocabulary, and her work has captivated audiences worldwide while influencing generations of artists. The program will open with Graham's Panorama, performed by more than 20 student dancers from the University of Iowa Dance Department. 

Elias String Quartet

Elias String Quartet are "simply astounding, in the freshness, intensity, assurance, and seeming spontaneity of their playing." Hancher will welcome back one of our favorite ensembles to introduce a new chamber music experience at Hancher. 

La Dame Blanche

Yaite Ramos Rodriguez, the singer, flautist, and percussionist—who performs as La Dame Blanche—blends the Cuban music of her childhood with the sounds of hip-hop, dancehall, and cumbia, and plenty more.

Y La Bamba

World Café says Luz Elena Mandoza Ramos, lead vocalist and producer of Y La Bamba, "[Her] inimitable songwriting is propelled by and earth-shaking voice and incisive lyrics that speak towards the duality of hurt and healing."