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Amb. McMullen (Ambassador in Residence, UI Department of Political Science) was the US Ambassador to the State of Eritrea, which is part of the Horn of Africa, from 2007-2010. During this presentation, he will share his experiences and insights into the politics of the Horn of Africa that contribute to the dynamic nature of war and peace in the region.

Speaker: Ambassador Ronald McMullen (Ambassador in Residence, Department of Political Science)

Light entrees, snacks, and refreshments will be available for purchase from the Stanley Café.

Science on Tap

The US Southwest is a stunningly beautiful and diverse region, with dramatic variation in physical environments and human cultures that developed in place over thousands of years. Momix's Opus Cactus at Hancher illustrates the Sonoran Desert in the south; to the northeast, University of Iowa researchers have studied Puebloan communities. Archaeologist Margaret Beck will describe her research with Matt Hill into Puebloan life during the Spanish colonial era, including use of the adjacent Great Plains as a refuge.

Science on Tap

Music therapy is provided in many settings, with a variety of individuals, to improve quality of life. Music therapy can be used in medical settings to help patients reduce pain perception and anxiety. Pain and anxiety after a surgery can be difficult for anyone to deal with, but it can be especially difficult for adolescents (and their parents) who undergo painful orthopedic surgery.

Trumpet Blossom Cafe

An amazing dining experience in the beautiful setting of the Stanley Café. Trumpet Blossom creates plant-based comfort food that reflects the season, respects the land, and is truly sustainable using organic ingredients and making dishes from scratch.

Baroncini Ristorante

An amazing dining experience in the beautiful setting of the Stanley Café. Baroncini Ristorante is an authentic Italian restaurant emphasizing classic techniques and fresh Iowa ingredients, and was recently nominated Best Italian Restaurant in Iowa by

Family Fun Night

In June, Thursday Nights at Hancher become Family Fun Nights at Hancher!

Join us each Thursday night in June for free events celebrating the arts! Family Fun Nights coincide with Thursday Nights at Hancher from 5:30 to 7 pm.

June 28: Celebrating the Visual Arts

Big Picture Gallery will present a documentary about painter Henri Matisse and will lead kids in an art project.