The University of Iowa

Step Afrika!

Step Afrika! returns with a tale of resistance, resilience, and reclamation. Grounded in the Stono Rebellion of 1739, which led to the banning of drums among enslaved Africans, Drumfolk celebrates the beat entering the very bodies of persecuted people.

American Ballet Theatre

The wonderful dancers of American Ballet Theatre are hopping on a bus and touring America—and they’ll stop at Hancher on the Fourth of July! Gather up your friends and family (and lawn chairs!) for a performance by one of the world’s greatest ballet companies.

Lift Every Voice: Athletes, Artists, and the Movement for Social Justice

Join members of the DC-based dance company Step Afrika!, the first professional company dedicated to the tradition of stepping, for a discussion on Zoom about the Stono Rebellion, the Negro Act of 1740, and the shared lessons dancers and athletes can learn from the Drumfolk* who used their bodies to fight for justice so many years ago. Presented by Hancher Auditorium, in partnership with UI Athletics. This event is free and open to all. Please follow the link to register for the conversation beforehand.

Hancher Illuminated

Hancher Auditorium has long been known as “the largest classroom on campus.” We asked our friends from Quixotic, the amazing organization that helped us open the auditorium in 2016, to design a magical array of spots outside Hancher where UI student performers could be highlighted.

ONLINE EVENT: Step Afrika!

On September 9, 1739, the largest insurrection of enslaved Africans in North America began in South Carolina on the banks of the Stono River. Step Afrika! commemorates this moment in American history and the 281st Anniversary of the Stono Rebellion with the world premiere of Stono.