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Hancher Donor Benefits

Hancher Auditorium is more than just a local arts presenter. We are a vital part of the University of Iowa and committed to the project of making Iowa a destination university known for its dedication to student, faculty, and staff success; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and research and discovery. Hancher is an essential and collaborative resource for teaching, learning, engagement, exploration, and creativity—enriching lives and building community through the transformative power of the performing arts. Our core values—people first, shared experience, bold creativity, and inspired excellence—have been and continue to be hallmarks of our work.

When you make a gift to support Hancher, you are supporting so much more than a series of shows on a stage. You are supporting deeply impactful work that changes lives and upholds the University of Iowa’s central tenets and aspirations. We cannot thank you enough for your participation in our ongoing endeavors.

The following donor levels are in effect now and the listed benefits will apply to the 2022-2023 season, Hancher's 50th anniversary.

Become a Hancher Donor

$25+ (Friend)

  • Your gift helps support Hancher is for Hawkeyes, an annual event that offers $5 tickets to UI students—who are absolutely central to Hancher’s work. Your gift connects more students with Hancher’s artists and events.|
  • You’ll receive a Hancher sticker (or similar swag) to proudly display on your laptop or elsewhere.

$60+ (Champion)

  • Because of generous donor support, we are able to keep ticket prices low. In fact, without this support, tickets would cost double (or even triple) what we actually charge patrons. Your support makes our programming more affordable (and sometimes even free) for everyone.
  • All benefits associated with the preceding level.

$120+ (Supporter)

  • Presenting outdoor performances is an expensive endeavor—and we often offer these performances as a gift to the community at no cost. Your gift can help us continue to bring the community together in this special way.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to order tickets during the season announcement period before the general public. Seating order is determined by donation tier and then based on total lifetime giving to Hancher.*
  • All benefits associated with the preceding levels.

$600+ (Patron)

  • Hancher is one of the largest employers of students on campus—and we couldn’t do what we do without them! Your gift helps support approximately 12 student shifts, allowing us to pay competitive wages while also providing a wealth of memorable (and resume-worthy) experiences.
  • All benefits associated with the preceding levels.

$1,200+ (Advocate)

  • Some performances require specialized equipment that Hancher rents from outside vendors. An individual piece of necessary equipment can cost $1,000 or more to have on site to help ensure an artist’s performance truly shines. You’re helping us invest in spectacular shows.
  • You’ll be entitled to the highest level of seating priority during season announcement period.
  • You’ll receive invitations to special events.
  • All benefits associated with the preceding levels.

$3,300+ (Partner)

  • Many Hancher artists participate in residency activities above and beyond their performances, connecting with students and others in the community. Your gift supports our ability to responsibly manage the extra cost of these residencies as we deepen the impact of Hancher—“the largest classroom on campus.”
  • Your generosity will be recognized in Hancher brochures and playbills as well as on the website.
  • You’ll receive an invitation to the annual Partners Party and other special experiences.
  • All benefits associated with the preceding levels.

$6,000+ (Believer)

  • Keeping Hancher clean, fostering a welcoming environment, and supporting production comes to a cost of between $5,000 and $10,000 per performance. Your support makes sure everyone—including Hancher artists—feel at home here.
  • Your generosity will be recognized in connection with a specific performance in Hancher brochures and playbills as well as on the website.
  • All benefits associated with preceding the levels.

$10,000+ (Promoter)

  • Hancher entrusts dedicated students with assistantships that offer more responsibility and the chance to garner valuable leadership experience. Your gift is equally to the cost of supporting two such positions annually.
  • Your generosity will be recognized in connection with a Broadway show, symphony orchestra, major ballet company, or other event requiring especially robust levels of support.
  • All benefits associated with the preceding levels.

$25,000+ (Director)

  • A gift of this size can support truly special projects. In keeping with this level of generosity, we will personalize your benefits. We look forward to discussing opportunities with you.
  • All benefits associated with the preceding levels.

*Seating priority is first offered to all donors who give $1,200 or more annually, followed by all other donors who give $120 or more annually. Seating order in each group is based on total lifetime giving.

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